Whoa. So apparently this has been going around on Tumblr and I was just about sold before I clicked the link. Graze is a food delivery service that will send you a selection of snacks every week for $5 including shipping. Click this link (or use code R5NH3MCF) and you’ll get to join with your first delivery for free. They only charge week by week so if you decide right away that you don’t like it you can cut it off right away on their website. You can rate the selection so you’re less likely to get varieties you don’t want.

I’m really curious about how this is going to turn out and I’ll definitely post when I get my first box. I just spent a couple hours just drooling over the selection.

It seems to have started out in the UK and has made its way to the US. They have a few more items on their UK website (maybe that means they’ll add more to the US one eventually). 

Wow! I am so happy this exists. Specialized internet delivery start-ups have been hitting it out of the park lately.

This. Looks. Amazing.

Whoooa want, this looks yummy!

Hey Panda look!

I am so tempted to try this but I have a feeling that I would get sick of the things they’d send me really fast because it looks like over half of everything contains nuts so my choices are really limited. :(

Hey, I’m totally going to try this for a few weeks! I’m always dying for some healthy variety at my school, and all of these choices look delicious.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

This looks like a really cool idea, maybe I will try it.

Just signed up! Let’s see how this goes. I’m totally psyched.

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    I get this every two weeks and its awesome! All the snacks are really yummy and satisfying.
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    i’ve had this for like 4 months now, i thought everyone already knew :o it’s awesome btw, for anyone on the fence :)
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    tryin it
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    I’m getting this!
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    This rules!